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We encourage foreign attendees to apply for visas as early as possible. Please consult or seek advice from your local embassy or overseas mission if you encounter problems during your application. They have the expertise and experience to handle visa-related matters efficiently to ensure a smooth process.

The official invitation letter will be provided by APRC 2024 Secretariat at least 2 months before the Conference.

VISA-Exempt Entry

Passport holders of the following-mentioned nationalities can stay for up to 14-90 days without applying for a visa.

Duration of Stay Country
90 DAYS Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Eswatini*, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan*, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Marshall Island*, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Macedonia*(effective till March 31, 2025), Norway, Palau, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tuvalu*, the United Kingdom, the United States of America*, and Vatican City State.
30 DAYS Belize*, Malaysia, Nauru, St. Kitts and Nevis*, Saint Lucia*, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Singapore.
14 DAYS – Thailand (effective till July 31, 2024)
– Brunei (effective till July 31, 2024)
– Philippines (effective till July 31, 2024)Holders of Brunei, Philippines and Thailand passports must have: A proof of accommodation (hotel) booking, host / sponsor’s contact information and sufficient travel funds.

*Please visit here for detailed requirements and the LATEST visa-exempt countries list.


Passport holders of the following-mentioned nationalities are eligible for an eVisa.

Duration of Stay Country
30 DAYS Bahrain, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Dominica, Ecuador, Kiribati, Kuwait, Mauritius, Montenegro, Oman, Panama, Peru, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, Turkiye, United Arab Emirates, Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Please follow the steps below to complete your eVisa application.

  1. Fill out and submit the application form online.
  2. Complete the payment.
  3. Wait for the approval of the eVisa. *Please be reminded that the Bureau of Consular Affairs may request other relevant documents.
  4. Provide eVisa and Official Invitation Letter in English (Colored, Clear, and legible) when entering Taiwan.

Hong Kong and Macau

Residents from Hong Kong and Macau must hold an Entry Permit to enter Taiwan.

  • For those who have never entered Taiwan.
    1. Submit the application form online.
    2. Wait for the approval of Entry Permit, it takes at least 5 working days.
    3. Complete the payment.
    4. Provide Entry Permit and Official Invitation Letter in English (Colored, Clear, and legible) when entering Taiwan.

Please visit here for detailed information.

  • For those who were born in Hong Kong or Macau.
  • For those who have ever been allowed to enter Taiwan.
    1. Complete the application form online.
    2. Print out the Entry Permit document.
    3. Provide Entry Permit and Official Invitation Letter in English (Colored, Clear, and legible) when entering Taiwan.

Please visit here for detailed information.

People’s Republic of China (PRC) Passport Holder

For Mainland Chinese attendees wishing to apply for entry into Taiwan, please prepare the following documents and send them via email to the Conference Secretariat (registration@aprc2024.org) by January 26, 2024, to facilitate the Taiwan entry document application.

  1. Application Form for Entry into Taiwan from Mainland China: Please contact the Conference Secretariat (registration@aprc2024.org) to request the form. (It must be filled out electronically, please do not handwrite it).
  2. Mainland Chinese passport (with a validity of more than six months).
  3. A color photocopy of the Mainland Chinese resident ID card or any document proving identity.
  4. A recent, unaltered, color photo taken within the last two years. It should be a two-inch color photo, without a hat, without colored glasses, with clear facial features, no obstruction, and must be identifiable. Composite photos are not allowed. (Dimensions: 5 cm in height and 5 cm in width, with the length of the person’s head from the top to the bottom jaw not less than 3.2 cm and not more than 3.6 cm, a front-facing half-body photo with a white background in jpg format).
  5. Proof of relevant professional expertise or current job position.
  6. Proof of income.
  7. Expected arrival and departure flight dates.


  • If the applicant is currently in a foreign country, Hong Kong or Macao, they should also provide a copy of their re-entry visa, residence permit, or ID card for Hong Kong or Macao.
  • Additional fees for visa processing will be charged upon successful visa approval.
  • Please click here for more detailed information.

*Please note that the passport shall be valid for at least six months before the date of the scheduled entry into Taiwan.
*For other nationalities NOT mentioned and should you have any questions, please contact Conference Secretariat (registration@aprc2024.org).
*Please note that the deadline for Ecode applications is March 15, 2024. Applicants must ensure that their payments are completed and a copy of their passport bio-page is submitted to registration@aprc2024.org before this date.