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Decentralizing Diagnostics to Achieve Holistic Healthcare of TB

Description: As an important step in achieving a holistic approach to TB management, the World Health Organization (WHO) has highlighted the need to dramatically decentralize affordable, rapid, and high-quality TB diagnostics. Bringing gold-standard PCR diagnostics for TB to the point-of-care constitutes one of the first steps in preventing further spread of the disease, as it enables quicker treatment decisions and better traceability for TB patients. In pursuit of its mission to prevent the spread of infectious diseases by increasing accessibility of PCR diagnostics, Co-Diagnostics (Co-Dx) has worked with world-renowned developers of ubiquitous PCR diagnostic devices, such as the Lightcycler (Roche) and FilmArray system (bioMérieux), to develop the Co-Dx™ PCR Pro™: a first-of-its-kind gold-standard real-time PCR instrument with grant support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that uses low-cost and patent-pending sample collection cups, along with a straightforward TB sample processing step, to deliver easy-to-interpret TB test results on healthcare workers’ mobile devices that can easily be shared with patients’ physicians. Anonymous test result data can also be incorporated into a cloud-based monitoring system to track outbreaks on a community, regional, national, or even international level, all of which gives the Co-Dx PCR platform the potential to dramatically increase the accessibility of POCT for TB and transform healthcare delivery for the disease.

Date: Saturday, Apr 27, 2024 | Time: 12:20-12:35 (GMT+8)
12:20-12:35 JMr. Joseph Featherstone
Executive VP of Business Development